Mechanical vision schemes

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Mechanical vision schemes

I. project background

        Machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including image processing, mechanical engineering technology, control, electrical lighting, optical imaging, sensors, analog and digital video technology, computer hardware and software technology (image enhancement and analysis algorithm, image card, I/O card, etc.).A typical machine vision application system includes image capture, light source system, image digitization module, digital image processing module, intelligent judgment and decision module and mechanical control execution module.

        The common feature of the main application fields of visual inspection is continuous mass production, which requires high appearance quality.The main features of visual detection are high degree of automation, objectivity, non - contact detection, high precision.After years of technical experience accumulation, jifang has customized and developed numerous engineering application cases and solutions based on machine vision for customers, which has been praised by customers.


2. Working principle

        Machine vision inspection system using CCD camera to the detection of target to convert image signal and send it to the dedicated image processing system, according to the pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information, converted into digital signal and image processing system for these signals for a variety of operations to extract target feature, such as size, number, location, length, and then according to the preset allow degree the output and other conditions, including the number, size, Angle, pass/reject, with/without, etc., to realize automatic identification function.


3. Structural block diagram


4. Application field