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Digital signage solutions

I. project background

        With the development of global informatization, the traditional poster propaganda or timed information release system has been unable to meet the needs of people due to its own limitations.In line with the overall trend of The Times of information, in public infrastructure, flight display, catering and retail and other industries, digital interactive multimedia system and multimedia information release system and other diversified digital signage solutions emerge.

       Jifang digital signage solution simplifies the release steps, enriches the release content, reduces the release cost and improves the release efficiency.It is widely used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather.It aims at specific physical places, specific time period to specific people for advertising information broadcast characteristics, so that it can obtain the effect of advertising.

2. Advantages of the scheme

1. Silly program editing interface, without special training, the operator can use the editing release software to release all kinds of text, ICONS, animation, video, audio information and other digital information at will anytime and anywhere into a "digital sign", in the form of advertising.

2. Easy maintenance.Automatic system playback, no need to manage the operation, even if the terminal player unexpected power, when the system will automatically replay, no need to operate.

3.  Powerful multi-picture layer mixing function, support composite video, component video, HDTV hd video and other mainstream formats, achieve arbitrary windowing, transparent overlay, special effects flip, scroll text and other ways of mixed display.

4. The use of a variety of media (video, audio, pictures, animation), said narrowcasting system.

5.  A dynamic AD that allows for constant change in content.

6. Similar to TV ads and web ads, but highly targeted, flexible in form and on-demand in content.Therefore, it can be used in a mixture of existing production tools (such as: web production, VCD production, FLASH production, etc.).

7. It is a new technology after the integration of network technology, multimedia broadcast technology and software component development and integration technology. It is a kind of user-oriented production technology, that is, users can easily learn to make their own signs.

8. This is a rapidly developing technology that is rapidly maturing, technologically, in the market and in the structure of the industry.


3Scheme system

         Jifang digital signage solution USES multimedia information release software, and through the network will be on the host audio and video, pictures, documents, web pages and other free typesetting to create programs unified release to the terminal equipment.Unified management and unified release for different terminals;For different resolutions, programs with different resolutions can be created to match the best effect.For the concentration and dispersion of application scenarios, LAN management and cloud server management can be selected.



4. Application scenarios

         ifang digital signage industrial control board has been widely used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, government, financial Banks, medical industry, public utilities, educational institutions, subway, telecommunications, airports, bus stations, outdoor advertising, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, factories and other people gathered in public places digital information and other fields.The system adopts advanced design concept and open interface, which can integrate a variety of applications.Digital signage system can count and record the playing time, playing times and playing range of multimedia content, and realize more powerful interactive function while playing, bringing opportunities for creating new media.