Shenzhen GIFA Industrial Control Co., LTD founded in 2004., as "mini-ITX platform" leader, the Kyrgyz side of Shenzhen science and technology R & D and production in the forefront of the industry the motherboard;relying on the team experienced product engineers and experts, is committed to the production and sale of mini-ITXmain board, and is widely used in various fields of military, railway, queuing machine, advertising machine, the banking self-service terminals, lottery machine, VOD VOD, video conference, CarPC, network education, home HTPC,POS terminal machine, digital media. Experience with early work with VIA sales mini-ITX board in the domestic,Shenzhen m-tech established its leadership position in the mini-ITX industry, now the Kyrgyz side technology,manufacturers of original equipment have been globally oriented OEM, original design manufacturer ODM, and withhand Jia technology, become the designated brand mini-ITX motherboard platform, and to "international standards,quality-oriented" spirit, to provide a full range of products and services to meet the needs of all industrial computer,suitable for harsh environment of industry products and customer service.

Shenzhen m-tech relying on Shenzhen Huaqiang North commercial circle of commercial power, cultural environment and policy advantages, sales network to cover the country more than 20 provinces, city, and set up acomplete production center, repair center, technical support center, storage center, now has completely become acustomer satisfaction and praise of the major professional accessories production enterprises.

Shenzhen m-tech pay attention to the cultivation of enterprise culture, created a unity, friendship, to the team.

Company resolutely implement the ISO9001 standards, the implementation of 5S management system, internalmanagement in strict accordance with the modern enterprise management mode of operation, has established a set of perfect and effective management mechanism, vigorously promote "actions speak louder than words" style of work, all staff Dou Jinjin around "to ensure the quality of products and services, to meet customer requirements, to create the core value" for customers to carry out the work. After years of careful management, Shenzhen CityKyrgyzstan technology has laid a solid customer base in China, and established a perfect sales network and after saleservice system, become independent brand, perfect product line, with industrial computer manufacturer is a high level of R & D and manufacturing capacity. We believe that our products, our technology, our service will make your choice of GIFA Kyrgyzstan as your supplier of industrial computer.