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Medical service solutions

1. System background

      With the development of Internet and new technology, smart medicine has been applied frequently in recent years.The progress and application of smart medical technology make it an effective entry point to change the status quo of medical industry.Intelligent medicine is a new modern medical way which applies modern computer technology and information technology to the whole medical process.The emergence of intelligent medical equipment has greatly enriched the connotation and capacity of medical information.

      Intelligent medical treatment is not only a simple collection of digital medical equipment, but also a new modern medical way that applies modern computer technology and information technology to the whole medical process.In digital medical treatment, the patient can finish see a doctor, the doctor diagnosed with minimal process accuracy greatly improved, and the patient medical record information with all current and historical records the patient's health information, diagnosis and the patient can greatly facilitate the doctor check list, real patients comprehensive data required to be able to achieve remote consultation calls, to achieve fast and efficient service, digital medical have a big advantage, is to realize the resource sharing of medical equipment and medical experts.For medical institutions, the database with perfect health information is more authoritative, and the establishment of health information system can greatly improve the competitiveness


2. System architecture


3. Advantages of intelligent medical treatment

1.Digitization of equipment

      Medical digitalization, first of all, is the digitalization of medical equipment, which is the basis of digital medicine.The so-called digital medical equipment, that is, the process of data collection, processing, storage and transmission, is based on computer technology. Medical equipment that works under computer software has gradually replaced conventional equipment and become the mainstream of clinical equipment.Digital medical devices can store, process and transmit the collected information.


2.Networking of equipment

Digital medicine can realize the sharing of equipment resources within the hospital, realize the transmission of images and documents, shorten the time for patients to register, pay fees, get medicine, see a doctor, as well as electronic billing, electronic prescription, and reduce the probability of errors.In the field of telemedicine, digital medicine can realize remote teaching and teleconferencing, remote consultation and surgery, online inquiry and help, as well as online registration and appointment, so as to realize the sharing of global resources.

3.Informatization of management

Managers can keep abreast of the operation of the hospital and the work of each department through the network, so as to keep the hospital in the best operating state.Moreover, the hospital can provide all kinds of information for the patients at any time.

4. Personalized service

People can book and register online at home;People no longer need to wait in the examination department for the examination results, all kinds of diagnosis and treatment images and data can be sent directly to the attending doctor in front of the network, doctors can make timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients.Based on the Internet, cable TV and other private medical care services and public medical consultation services, the public will be reminded to carry out physical examination, predict the occurrence and development of certain diseases, recommend new treatment methods to patients, so that patients can enjoy the medical care services of individual doctors without leaving home.


4. Application scenarios

Jifang industrial control board is widely used in hospital information system, ward information system, remote patient monitoring system, bedside monitoring system, mri, color ultrasound imaging, archiving and so on.