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Network security solutions

1. System background

         With the popularization and development of information and network, more and more network security problems begin to appear. Network information security has become an important guarantee of social development. Information security is the national key development of the emerging interdisciplinary, it is closely related to the government, national defense, finance, manufacturing, commerce and other sectors and industries, which has a broad prospect of development.


        How to prevent the virus from entering the internal network has become the primary problem faced by each enterprise network security. Many enterprises have gradually realized that the use of network version of antivirus software protection is far from enough, more and more enterprises have begun to use specialized enterprise-class hardware firewall equipment to effectively intercept network viruses.


2. The importance of network security
         Network security refers to the computer network for the purpose of sharing resources, the use of communication means to relatively scattered independent computers, terminal equipment and data equipment connected together, under the control of the protocol for data exchange, transmission, resource sharing. In the process of data transmission, there are threats such as information leakage, information theft, data tampering, data erasure, IP spoofing, computer virus, etc. The network equipment carries on the detection, the analysis, the diagnosis to all transmission data, which can help the user to eliminate the network accident, avoid the information security risk, improve the network performance, and increase the network availability value.

        At present, the vast majority of enterprises are using the network version of antivirus software + firewall to protect the normal operation of the enterprise network. Network version of antivirus software applied in the enterprise network is a set of centralized management of antivirus software. It can check and kill the virus inside the enterprise, guarantee the security of the enterprise network system to a certain extent, but there are still great limitations.

       The network version of antivirus software installed on the original operating system, so the stability of the operating system itself and potential vulnerability have a certain impact on the use of the network version of antivirus software.Second, Although the network version of antivirus software can detect and kill viruses, it does not guarantee the virus from the Internet into the LAN, and, more and more network viruses began to use the operating system vulnerability to attack and spread.

       Network security means that the hardware, software and data in the network system are protected from accidental or malicious damage, change and leakage, the system runs continuously and reliably, and the network service is not interrupted.


3.The system block diagram




4. Scope of application
        Gifa industrial control co., LTD provides all kinds of complete machine solutions, which are suitable for network security solutions such as gateway, security gateway, firewall, IPS/IDS, UTM, VPN gateway etc. Through network security protection, Internet behavior management, total score VPN interconnection, content audit, traffic management, traffic on the Internet bandwidth management, prevent network leaks, laws and regulations to prevent risks, the problem such as Internet access behavior records, provide a comprehensive network security management solutions, for clients to build a stable, safe, reliable and real-time communication network. It is widely used in transportation, smart grid, smart city, smart factory, education, industrial park, new energy and other fields.


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