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Brush face payment solutions

1. System background

Face pay retail is to use the Internet, Internet of things technology, perception of consumption habits, forecast consumption trends, guide production and manufacturing, to provide consumers with a variety of personalized products and services. Face brushing and payment retail is the third revolution leading the world's retail industry. Secondly, face brushing payment retail realizes the perfect integration of new technology and real industry. Thirdly, face brushing payment retail is an inevitable trend that global enterprises can explore and develop together. Fourth, face brushing payment retail is an open and Shared ecological model.

Under the new retail trend, consumer experience becomes the center and digitalization becomes an important means for retail enterprises to cope with changes and challenges. How to obtain, integrate and analyze the data of each business link and conduct data management becomes the top priority. High-powered computer smart retail solutions, customer-centric, data-driven, improve customer experience, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and save costs.

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2. Advantages of the scheme
       Jifang industrial control focuses on solving the needs of face brushing payment retail system suppliers, providing users with multi-functional, safe and reliable self-service. In order to realize the multi-purpose function of the device, jifang adopts the design of multi-serial port, multi-usb and multi-expansion slot in the product. At the same time, relevant feasible schemes can be developed according to the special needs of customers. The advantages of the brushface payment retail system are as follows:

(1) digital operation: smart stores, using advanced technology to achieve smart retail, to meet the digital expectations of today's consumers.

(2) supply chain remodeling: omni-channel supply chain, upgrade the retail supply chain, to minimize the impact of global and local events on the supply chain.

(3) Customer experience remodeling: predict customer expectations, apply artificial intelligence, provide customers with customized marketing information and shopping experience.

(4) Save manpower cost: brush face pay retail system can replace the cashier, can bring higher income for the business.

3.System architecture 

Brush face payment mode: the front end of the business obtains the image, the structure compares the recognition, returns the result of the smart vending machine.


4.brush face payment process

Brush face payment system can achieve brush face payment + self-checkout, according to alipay and WeChat brush face recognition technology, can be applied in the pharmacy, supermarket, convenience store and many other offline retail scene. The operation is simple and convenient. The specific operation is as follows:

       (1). Before taking the goods to be settled to the self-service cash register, point the barcode of the goods at the qr code scanning area below the self-service cash register for scanning;

      (2). After the selected item is scanned, the consumption amount will appear on the screen, and then click the payment button, the page will automatically jump to the payment page.

      (3). The customer chooses to pay with a face brush and scans the camera area of the self-service cash register. After verification, enter the mobile phone number bound by alipay/WeChat, and the message of payment success will be displayed on the screen.

      (4). After successful payment, the device will print the receipt list automatically.


5. scope of application

The face brush payment machine is the best extensive machine in the practical business application of artificial intelligence technology in recent years. It perfectly realizes the unmanned management of the retail industry and greatly reduces the operation cost. Entering the new retail era, the face brush payment machine has become the fastest landing scheme. The face brush payment machine is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and hospitals.


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