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Face recognition solutions

I. project background

        With the rise of unmanned stores, identification and authentication need to be safer and more efficient, and the offline retail industry has to find other ways to cope with the impact of e-commerce platforms.Using the core technology of machine vision (using machines instead of human eyes for measurement and judgment), sunvision integrates a complete set of face recognition solutions to solve the problem of recognition and authentication in the field of artificial intelligence.


2. Program overview

       Through face recognition solution, the main board of artificial intelligence is used as the core component, GTV management platform software is installed, and the basic technology of face recognition is combined with background big data analysis to realize the functions of passenger flow statistical analysis, accurate advertising, exclusive service for members and so on.


3. Scheme construction

       It mainly includes image acquisition, face positioning, feature extraction, database feature comparison, face information acquisition, output authentication information, data statistical analysis, VIP diamond members, accurate advertising, etc.


4 core components

Artificial intelligence motherboard

IOT smart motherboards

Cover TTL, RS232, GPIO multi - channel expansion interface, more peripherals adaptation

4K decoded output, suitable for a variety of intelligent terminal devices

SWH - 5186.

Face database data comparison, accurate results output

Passenger flow face recognition information input, visual display

Statistical analysis of background face data information

Cloud management platform

Face recognition statistical system


5. application scenarios

Smart retail business:

(1) store passenger flow statistics

       Based on face detection and tracking, real-time analysis of the flow into the store, repeat customers, member information push, etc., to provide more accurate flow statistics, so that you know the flow of the store.

(2) passenger flow crowd analysis

       Based on face recognition technology, we can accurately calculate the face information of customers entering and leaving the store every day, including gender, age, residence time, etc., with an accuracy of more than 99%.Managers can adjust product structure and marketing strategy according to background statistics.

(3) personalized service for members

       Through the face information obtained from the camera, the customers are depicted, and customized consumption scenes are created according to different portrait information, such as VIP customers' score information, purchased product information, etc., to meet the personalized needs of customers.

(4) precision marketing push

       When a member passes by or enters the store, the camera can capture the member's face, identify the member through face recognition, and push the preferential information of the store. Moreover, it can also realize personalized and accurate push based on the consumption record of the member.


Wisdom education:

 Based on the data information and the network, the school information is collected, processed, integrated, stored and transmitted, and the face recognition terminal is used to better monitor and manage all the behaviors of children in the school.

(1) campus intelligent identification and sign-in

      Face recognition technology is used to identify the uniqueness of students' facial features, so that teachers' workload is reduced while various improper sign-in behaviors are avoided, and students' information statistics and inquiries are more convenient.

(2) examinee authentication terminal

      Examinee authentication terminal, which integrates computer, communication, network, face recognition technology, database and other diversified technologies, provides guarantee for accurate extraction of examinee information, authentication and information security.


Smart community:

        To provide a safe, comfortable, convenient, modern, intelligent living environment for community residents, so as to form a new management form of community based on information and intelligent social management and service.

(1) community face recognition brake

        The community face recognition gate machine is equipped with the background network management system, which can solve many problems of pure manual management and make the community management safer, more standardized and more systematic.

(2) intelligent building intercom

        As a set of modern community service measures, the intelligent building intercom system mainly provides two-way videophone between visitors and residents to achieve double recognition of image and voice, so as to increase security and reliability.

(3) artificial intelligence door lock

        Artificial intelligence lock is an intelligent electric lock based on face recognition technology.Realized the user only look at the face recognition automatically open the lock.