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Industrial automation solutions

I. project background

        Industrial automation technology is a kind of control theory, instruments and meters, computer and other information technology, realize detection, control and optimize the process of industrial production, scheduling, management and decision-making, to increase production, improve quality, reduce costs, ensure safety comprehensive high technology, including industrial automation software, hardware and system three parts.As one of the most important technologies in modern manufacturing field in the 20th century, industrial automation technology mainly solves the problems of production efficiency and consistency.Both high speed mass manufacturing enterprises and enterprises pursuing flexibility, flexibility and customization must rely on the application of automation technology.


2automation overview

       Industrial automation is the trend that automatic control and automatic adjustment devices are widely used in industrial production to replace manual control of machines and machine systems for processing and production.Under the condition of industrial production automation, people only indirectly take care of and supervise the production of machines.

       Industrial automation, according to its development stage can be divided into: 1. Semi-automation.That is, part of the use of automatic control and automatic devices, and the other part is manually operated machines for production.2. Full automation.Refers to the production process in all the procedures, including loading, unloading, loading and unloading, do not need people to direct production operations (people only indirectly watch and supervise the operation of the machine), but by the machine continuously and repeatedly automatically produce a product or a batch of products.


3. System introduction

       Industrial control system is to the image, voice signal and other large data volume, high rate of transmission requirements continue to improve, and the current popular in the commercial field of Ethernet and control network.Industrial control system integrates embedded technology, multi-standard industrial control network interconnection, wireless technology and other popular technologies, thus expanding the development space of industrial control field.

       With the development of control technology, computer, communication, network and other technologies, the field of information interaction and communication is rapidly covering all levels from the field equipment layer of the factory to the control and management.The field of unified control is undergoing an unprecedented transformation and is beginning to develop towards the direction of network.In the field of industrial automation, the traditional control system has experienced the development course of following the ground-based pneumatic instrument control system, the electric unit combined analog instrument control system, the centralized digital control system and the distributed control system DCS.


4. Advantages of jifang industrial control board

1. The use of industrial automation equipment can reduce manpower and production cost;

2. Capacity can be improved;

3. Reliable automation products are easier to manage than people;

4. can effectively improve product quality, through the use of automation equipment can effectively improve product consistency;

5. Enhance the company's competitive strength

6. Improve product quality;

7. Improve the safety of the production process;

8. Reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy in the production process.


5. application scenarios:

 Mainly used in factory automation, CNC machine tools, energy, military, manufacturing, coal mining, home automation, remote monitoring systems, industrial control solutions, testing and measurement.