The 5th POS industry CEO roundtable summit was successfully held

Column:Industry Dynamics Time:2020-10-08
September 14-15, hosted by Shenzhen Jifang Industrial Control Co., LTD., supported by Intel (China) Co., LTD., and organized by Shenzhen Retail Intelligent Information Industry Association, the fifth China POS Industry CEO Roundtable

September 14-15, hosted by Shenzhen Jifang Industrial Control Co., LTD., supported by Intel (China) Co., LTD., and organized by Shenzhen Retail Intelligent Information Industry Association, the fifth China POS Industry CEO Roundtable Summit was held in Xiamen Mingfa International Hotel.

         With the theme of "Reconstructing the Future of Retail", more than 60 experts and eco-partners from POS industry and retail industry gathered together to discuss the direction and future of retail digital transformation in the era of intelligence.


 The 5th POS Industry CEO Roundtable Summit



         The meeting began Shenzhen Jifang Industrial Control Co., LTD. Chairman Of Li Hongming for the opening speech.In his speech, Li Dong reviewed the achievements of the past four summits and expressed his appreciation, describing the close ties between kyrgyzstan and the summit.Li dong said cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data is becoming for promoting the development of the retail business innovation of digital and new engines, stationed at the entrances to the era of intelligence, kyrgyzstan is willing to work with a partner fellow travelers and helped establish retail digital transformation, fate community building intelligent era, continued in creating new values of the POS industry ecosystem.



          The summit, as always, received strong support from Intel.Alec Gefrides, general manager of Intel's trading and retail product line, was unable to deliver a speech due to limited travel due to the outbreak, but he did prepare a video to congratulate the conference.

    Alec Gefrides said that the rapid development of retail information technology has helped transform the retail industry from offline to online, pick-up and delivery, and Intel is and will continue to support the POS industry through innovation to better respond to market changes and meet customer needs.For epidemic prevention, Intel pioneered kiosks and voice-activated navigation around contactless kiosks, allowing customers to self-checkout without touching the device.In terms of computer vision technology innovation, hisense object detection technology and Zhongkeyingtai item identification AI POS have been widely used in baking shops.In the aspect of face payment, yijietong realized WeChat and alipay payment.Intel's new architecture allows the integration of workload between containers and microservices. Under the technical support of the integration of Jifang Industrial Control and Shenzhen Retail Intelligent Information Industry Association stores, the combination of camera and digital monitoring system can be realized, and the integration of monitoring and POS can be completed in one device.


    Meeting, peng jian, deputy secretary-general of China chain association do indeed outlook after the China retail epidemic keynote, peng secretary-general explaining to share from the retail industry to the enterprise to the five significant changes of consumption, and sharing details to the participants to meet consumer demand, implementing category refactoring and diversification of sales channels, with science and technology leading the future enterprise development, and more determined upon advice of digital transformation.Secretary-general Peng's wisdom and insight always pointed out the nature of the current situation and trend of the retail and retail intelligent information industry, and attendees all said they benefited a lot.


         The meeting was hosted by Xu Kang, secretary general of Shenzhen Retail Intelligent Information Industry Association


     George Loranger, Global marketing director of Intel Trading retail, Shared his innovative solutions on the New Normal: Creating a New Experience for Secure retail via video.He believes that the retail companies that have done well during the epidemic are those that have brought new technological capabilities to the ground, and that digital transformation has become an important support for the retail industry's recovery.


          Huang Weiwu shenzhen kyrgyzstan industrial co., LTD. Product director in kyrgyzstan the latest intelligent control in the planning of retail solutions products share the theme of the said in the process of retail digital revolution speed of, put forward a higher standard of POS and POS motherboard, adhering to the "customer product manufacturing easier the service concept of", kyrgyzstan developed a number of intelligent control in the retail solutions, especially the first PCI - E USB solution, greatly enhance anti-jamming motherboard USB interface, let the POS cash register, more likely, power of China's new retail digital transformation.


         Li Haomin, deputy general manager of Qingdao Hisense Intelligent Business System Co., LTD., believes in the theme sharing of hisense Intelligent Technology application in Retail Digital stores that "transactions can be online, but experience + consumption is an irreplaceable demand".Under the enabling capability of ORI, Hisense plans to upgrade its high-performance POS terminals to the nodes of edge computing, so as to become the core equipment of smart retail, provide diversified capabilities such as transaction, display and monitoring for the whole store, and use the power of technology to help retail stores maintain their competitive advantages.


     Image recognition, voice recognition and digital artificial intelligence algorithm can only build up the framework of machine recognition, but how to make retail more intelligent?Yin Liangce, deputy general manager of Qingdao Zhongke Yingtai Commercial System Co., LTD., deeply analyzed the technical innovation scheme and application results of ZhongKe Yingtai image recognition technology in the theme sharing of "Exploration of AI Item Identification Application in Retail Industry".


     Cheng Yongsheng, chief expert and deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Retail Intelligent Information Industry Association, Shared the theme of "Concept of Store Information System under the Digital scene".This paper introduces the digital innovation technology achievements of retail stores under the guidance of smart store system standard, and shares the guiding and supporting role of the standard to the healthy development of the industry with examples.Deputy secretary Cheng expressed the hope that more enterprises would join in the smart store system, realize industrial coordination and industrial upgrading, and create a "standardization" foundation for the intelligent era.


      Zheng Wei, founder of Beijing Shopboy Technology Co., LTD., and Founder of Beijing Migration Group Co., LTD., wrote in Where are the New opportunities for SaaS Software under giant Monopoly?In the theme sharing of "POS hardware and SaaS software", it described the world-shaking changes and future market trend driven by capital and monopolized by giants. The attendees were fascinated by Zheng's unique way of thinking and his fascinating narration.


      Guangzhou Echom Sci.&Tech. Co.,Ltd. Design director Zhou Zhicong shares the theme of "Industrial Design and Product PI" with the most "colorful". He believes that the appearance of products is the core of brand image, and also the most direct way for enterprises to communicate with consumers.Centering on PI (Product Identity), Director Zhou Shared the three core modules of industrial design, making extensive references and unique perspectives, which deeply inspired the participants.

    After the speeches, the atmosphere of the summit reached a climax. The participants held industry-themed discussions on the two themes of "POS industry standardization Prospect under digital Intelligence" and "POS terminal refitting Evolution achievements and direction with the coming of 5G".Everyone expressed their views, from the perspective of the market, how to face the opportunities and challenges of the new retail era, how the industry should better fight the future.All of you have resonated and been deeply inspired by the exchanges. This meeting has been successfully held.